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"You Never Miss The Water 'Til The Well Runs Dry"-A Riveting Caribbean Familial Tale. #ReadCaribbean

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

There is nothing more rewarding, soothing, or engrossing as being able to sink within a story that so aptly and vividly captures the history, culture, landscape, and societal construct of a Caribbean island.

Francis-Sharma has done that here by giving us a Caribbean rendition of a family with experiences that are in no way strange: the struggle, hustle, determination, passion, and spirit that defines the characteristics of those contained within the pages.

The themes as well are familiar and gut-wrenching: the familial dynamics, male-female relationships, colourism, social status, abandonment, immigration, modern-day slavery, mistreatment ('vantage tekkin') and superstition are all concepts that still pervade the Caribbean (and elsewhere).

The voices of the characters themselves are hard to ignore and add to fully revealing the world that is being relayed; allowing the reader to inhabit, if not fully, then most definitely laterally, each consequential development-a mother leaves her children, with a father who for lack of a better word, had transformed into a total jackass; to seek all that is promised in the land of opportunity, only to find herself within the clutches of a couple who only intend to use her until she is spent.

A generational saga that is rich and painful, yet blossoms with wealth of feeling as we follow the reckoning that must be acknowledged by each character.

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