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Windwitch Review

The second instalment in the Witchlands series finds our heroes separated and each facing what appears to be insurmountable odds. Iseult must find a way to reunite with Safi, however, she finds herself making a dangerous alliance while navigating the badlands even as she is being hunted. Aeduan's path leads him to Iseult and he is even more intrigued than the first time they met. Can their fledgling truce survive their mistrust of each other and can Aeduan forget his primary objective?

Safi meanwhile is now in the midst of war, after agreeing to aid the empress of Marstoki. Both are being pursued by a fearsome foe to be returned to emperor Henrick, and become entrapped in a land where things are not as they seem.

Meanwhile, Merik returns home after narrowly escaping the attempt on his life; is grieving the loss of his Threadbrother and crew, comes face to face with the realities of the suffering of his fellow Nubrevnans. Vivia struggles with balancing who she is and who she wants to be, as she does what she can to secure a future for her people.

The machinations of the Raider king are slowly revealed and the extent of his reach across the lands is uncovered. We are introduced to new players and the stage is set for the fight that will determine the fate of the Witchlands and our heroes, the awakening of the Origin Well(s) and the return of the Cahr Awen.

A very fun read, and we highly recommend this series.

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