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War Girls: A Story of More than Just War.

This story carries a personal touch from Tochi Onyebuchi, whose mother experienced the Biafran War. A war that pitted the people of Nigeria against each other, in a conflict that spanned 2+ years. A war that stemmed from a lack of representation and inclusion of the Igbo people in the foundational affairs of the country.

Onyebuchi wrote this book I believe, not as a history lesson, but almost as a bastion of hope. Hope for the future and hope for what healing can accomplish.

Thanks Penguin Teen for the ARC

What I loved about this book was how Onyebuchi approached writing. He built this story around units, family, military, bandits, and sisters. Each moving together in their own way to achieve their objectives.

🌍 He touches on the damage imparted on children who are recruited as soldiers and how information is used to manipulate and mold them for a particular purpose

🌍 How family units can be formed and the strength of those bonds, even in times of immense unrest and war

🌍 Loyalty and love can heal rifts and hurt, even when other forces intervene to destroy relationships

🌍 Illustrating the misconceptions that each side had of each other, that served to breed and prolong tensions and hatred

🌍 The difficulty of adjusting to life after a life of violence and war( post traumatic stress disorder-PTSD and drug use)

🌍 The disregard shown to women as a source of knowledge and experience to broker peace and reconciliation

💢 My only gripe with this book was I felt as if the conclusion was rushed.

I loved the world-building, the effort put into building the main characters and their stories, their sisterhood, their friendships and relationships in a world that for all intents has been torn apart. This was a story written with consideration, heart and hope for the future.

P.S. The ending wrecked me!

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