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Because you Love to Hate me (13 Tales of Villainy) edited by Ameriie.

This anthology collection was a really fun read and a unique concept; 13 authors writing a villain focused short stories, based on a prompt from a booktuber/blogger. These stories were compelling, some more than others, and I found myself asking more than once if that character was really a villain or a victim of circumstance. The character Sera, in the story by Nicola Yoon, and Mei Du in the Cindy Pon contribution. These characters may seem to be villainous at first, until you read their backstory.

In other instances, the villain was more like an anti-hero, like the Moriarty character in Susan Dennard`s story. On the other hand, some stories definitely explored villainous beginnings of some characters, which were also very intriguing, specifically the giantess in Ameriie's retelling of Jack and The Beanstalk.

This concept was very well executed, and I would be interested in reading more collaborations like this.

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