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This One Sky Day, Popisho. A Rich, Lush Caribbean Reading Experience.

With dialogue that is sharp, fluid, vibrant, and vibrates with the spirit of a culture and people that we are intimately linked to and prose heady with meaning, that reaches out to steep the reader in emotion, place, and space; the characters feel known and the smells of the world are rich.

The characters are central to the themes, setting, and world that Ross creates. They are our sisters, brothers, friends, and neighbours; all infused with a magic that is heavily influenced by our culture.

The diligence imparted in creating this story is palpable and every emotion is engaged while reading. It is impossible not to acknowledge the beauty found within these pages, the heart and empathy, the love, loss, and pain; how each serve their immense purpose of combining to culminate in true storytelling prowess.

Each page takes us from strength to strength and leaves us in awe of Ross' ability to weave a tale so unique yet marked indelibly with her heritage, paying homage to the breadth of imagination that most assuredly is gifted from the ancestors.

Every once in a blue moon a book comes along with a story on its pages that drips pure concentrated sugar, sugar that is so sweet it hurts, so sumptuous and sensual, so bawdy and real, so mystical and magical. This One Sky Day is that book. A story of people that could fall from our mother's lips. There's no greater praise we could give a book.

This story is lyrical, magical, and ours, it will immerse you until the very last page, it will enchant with a depth of flavour that defines our existence and enrapture with the emotiveness of the love depicted.

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