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Theory, Literature and Philosophy in Relationships. #ReadCaribbean Review.

Dionne Brand brings dissertaional excavation to the novelistic landscape.

-This is the way power works—it wants both power and forgiveness. I hate this kind of greed in the powerful, the belief that their most heinous acts ought to be understood and forgiven. And if not, they will kill you.-

Theory is quite literally a dissertative novel, through which Brand takes us down the rabbit hole of our main character, who struggles to complete and submit their own dissertation, but applies their way of thought and love of philosophy and literature to steep the reader in the progressions, digressions and egressions of their relationships.

Each relationship is dissected, reviewed and analyzed in a theorized way as the characteristics of each partner is uncovered. Our main character is also aware of the metamorphosis they undergo with each successive lover. Although we never get the perspectives of said lovers, the attraction, magnetism, and intensity of their personalities is vividly conveyed by our MC.

This book had me glued to a dictionary, so be prepared. I have never read a novel quite like this, put together in this particular format, but I quite enjoyed the elevation and broadening of my vocabulary and reading expectations.

This read requires all of one's attention, all one's brain cells' engagement.

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