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The Vanished Birds. Even In Space, Humans are the Same.

"...I am a but a mere mortal, and it is startling how easy it is for mortals to be cruel when they are afraid"- Sartoris


With themes of a dying Earth, a new frontier being pioneered in space, time travel that spans past and future, technological advancements, friendships, tension, discord, love and family, Jimenez has weaved a complex yet quite simple narrative.


It is very easy to see our society moving in this direction of seeking habitable worlds beyond our own, while highlighting the very selfishness and greed that led to us slowly killing Mother Earth still existing in this new world.


What was clear throughout this book was the beauty of the bond of choosing one's family, the hurt and loss when choices cause rifts between friends; how in this time and space, with all the progress: avarice, forced assimilation, corporate domination, social standing, affluent hierarchy and cruelty are still very much a part of this adapted, widespread planetary society that is still so very much the humanity that fled Old Earth.


A wonderful story that tugs at the heartstrings with its portrayal of a chosen family, a lost home, broken hearts, betrayal, music, and an enduring spirit that will fight to the end to regain what was so callously taken and used.


-We know where this path leads, it is a circle-

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