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The Stars & the Blackness Between Them

This story brims with black girl magic. Junauda Petrus takes us on a journey from Trinidad to Minneapolis, charting a tale that mixes complex family relationships, beliefs, love, social justice, and love.

Audre is exploring her sexuality when her born-again Christian mother discovers her with her girlfriend, and responds with anger and rejection. She is sent to America to her father and it is here that Audre finds acceptance with Mabel and the new friends she makes.

Mabel has a steamy encounter with a friend one evening and this opens up her curiosity into her sexual identity. Because even though she had a boyfriend, there was no attraction. With the arrival of Audre, Mabel finds in her lively personality and melodic accent, someone she can form a deep relationship with.

I loved this book for so many reasons:

Audre's connection with her grandmother and the rituals they observe that pay homage to the ancestors.

Mabel making a connection that helps her discover her strength.

The bonds of friendship between the girls and the support they all exhibited towards each other.

Portraying two strong, intelligent and vulnerable teen girls.

Including black legacy and activism.

The dream-scape in which we got a glimpse into the earlier life of Queenie.

The absolute regard with which Petrus treated queerness and queer love.

Go out and get yourself a copy of this amazingly tender, queer, gorgeous book.

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