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The Shadow of the Wind: Intelligent, Romantic & Witty, With Just The Right Amount of Menace.

In Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind, he takes his readers on a labyrinthine adventure, one that starts with the find of a mysterious novel by an 11 year old boy. Daniel Sempere was taken to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books by his father in celebration of his 11th birthday and as a sort of induction into a Bookish Society.

Upon selecting a novel called The Shadow of the Wind, Daniel begins a journey that he did not quite expect. A search for more information on the author Julian Carax, reveals a deeper, darker mystery, one that centres around the systematic destruction of Carax's works. Digging deeper to uncover the life of Carax, Daniel finds that an ever widening cast of characters played an important role in the eventual disappearance and eventual demise of Julian Carax.

With friends and a forbidden love interest, Daniel continues his quest to finally discover the truth, even as sinister forces dog their steps, Daniel and company are determined to succeed. With engaging, humorous and delightfully sinful prose, Zafon weaves a story like no other.

The fact that Zafon is able to keep the intensity of the story going, points to his control of the plot-lines and characters. He keeps you engrossed as twist upon twist is revealed, a sinister villain awaits in the wing, while the mystery becomes evermore complex. The reader never feels as if the plot is becoming bloated, as Zafon skillfully nurtures each unfurled leaf, producing a fully fruited tree.

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