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The Same Earth. Change Is Inevitable.

-Some will say that a river that changes course is a river remembering itself-

At its core that is what #thesameearth explores: change. The changing of a village, the evolution of characters, the yielding of perceptions, and the emergence of a new power structure.

Miller has this uncanny ability to use his words to paint a vivid picture of people and place. The Same Earth is no different, with simple yet evocative words, the characters and situations of Watersgate come alive and the reader is immersed in the atmosphere.

The gossip, entitled, envious, rich, pious characters are visages through which I can envision my own community and communities just like it: the superstitions, long-held beliefs and practices, hubris, and just plain old badmind are all characteristics we have encountered or experienced.

This isn't your typical community narrative, though similar elements exist, and that is not what it feels like to me. Miller has crafted a sweeping narrative of a community that is bursting with charm, naivety, mischief, reckoning, and finality.

An intricate tapestry of country life that is hovering on the cusp of full-on modernity while still maintaining that certain 'closedness' that only a tight-knit community has.

I especially got caught up in Miller's clever way of weaving small plot points that all lead to a building crescendo, leaving you anticipatory with expectation, you aren't sure things will go the way you want, end with all the characters you love, sympathize with, caa tek a bone inna dem body, getting their just desserts; but you want that finale.

This is a story where the author wants the reader to be aware of the many changes that can occur to and within a community, a person, and relationships. Once we have left a place to return years later, nothing will be the same. Interactions will shift, community dynamics will have evolved or devolved, and perceptions and characteristics will be foreign to the returnee. In the leaving and returning, the space we left will never be the space we come home to find.

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