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Take A Hint, Dani Brown

Talia Hibbert has again given us a sweet, funny, sexy and engaging story, with two main characters who are hilarious!

This book was constantly making me laugh and root for the happy ending of the two main characters; Dani and Zafir.

After entering into a fake relationship after a viral video claims they are a couple and opens us some opportunities for Zafir. Our two main characters find themselves falling for each other as they spend more time together, one willingly and the other not so much.

What I love about Talia Hibbert's writing, especially her characters, is that not only are they funny, relatable and engaging. They are often dealing with serious issues, whether physically or emotionally, that they are aware of and are actively trying to overcome/work through.

Also, the friendships and family relationships are loving and supportive, which I really enjoyed.

Romance lovers, read this!

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