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Syrian Wives: Funny, Witty Stories.

-Paradise lies at the feet of your mothers- Prophet Mohammed

This collection is both funny, engaging, and sobering. Upping the ante from Syrian Brides, Halabi now moves the canvas to capture wives and the men who want to attain what they believe is the perfect wife; offering a snapshot into a culture that is at times both familiar and not.

Anna Halabi has mastered capturing and holding her reader's attention with characters and situations that are humorous, serious, and show the range of strength that can be found in women, whether they are standing up for themselves or with the support of a group of friends or sister-wives.

Halabi has once again written a collection of short stories centering women – wives – in this collection and the culture they exist in that values certain aspects of wifehood and womanhood.

The women in this collection are smart, self-aware and have a spunk and strength that is seen in the ways they outmaneuver sly, old women and demanding mothers-in-law, and clueless husbands; how they teach lessons and stand up for themselves.

-If you steal, steal a camel, and if you love, love the moon- Syrian saying/proverb

I love proverbs and at the start of each story is a proverb that ties into the situation and lesson that will be learned at the end. That for me was an enjoyable experience along with the witty, sharp, at times sarcastic dialogue.

If you are in a reading slump or just want something that will make you laugh as well as impart a view of into a society that is akin and different to your own, this collection does both brilliantly.

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