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Sorrowland-Metamorphosis and Family

'Seeing didn't transform into doing.' -Vern


Solomon is very good at writing stories that parallel and question our existence in a conventional vs non-standard community and in #Sorrowland, fae questions where the line falls when it comes to defining what should be considered the right way of structuring a community and when does that line point to a construct that epitomizes a cult; what happens to the people who live there who are existing without all the information they need to make informed and detailed decisions?


Vern is young, defiant and is not afraid to doubt the paradisal façade of Cainland, and in so doing flees to establish her independence in the woods, away and apart from Cainland and the wider world, until fear of capture sets her running again. This time she has more than her freedom to protect.


Melding the contemporary world with a touch of the supernatural, we get a story that keeps us on our toes, never knowing just where we will end up next, though the transitions are rarely smooth. Solomon uses Vern's journey from commune to the wilds to the outside world to trace transformation and resilience. She transforms into a mother, provider, protector, defender, and something more; learning how to cope with not just her children but a metamorphosis of which she knows nothing or the purpose it was meant to serve.


Sorrowland is a mashup of concepts and as with Solomon's writings is infused with the realities of brutality and exploitation that is easily recognizable, especially when it comes to Black and Brown bodies. However, I felt as if the resolution of the plot was all towards the end and felt rushed.


But this is definitely a story that needs to be read.

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