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Skin Folk: Caribbean Culture, Folklore and Speculative Fiction Stories at their Best.

Hopkinson's stories are always informed by her experiences of a certain time, place, people, and she uses her vivid imagination to craft stories that call forth the familiar, strange, and exhilarating.

It is absolutely impossible to not find oneself drawing parallels from our reality to the scapes and characters within her stories, whether they are joyous, frightening, or otherworldly. These stories incorporate folklore, tales, and songs, superstitions and practices, the mundane and the extraordinary; all wrapped in Hopkinson's imaginative prowess.

Nalo always leaves a piece of herself, her history, culture, her experiences in everything she writes, which makes picking up her works that much easier. I know that I will become immersed in familiarity, that what she writes will reflect what I know and even if it doesn't, she makes it feel a little bit like home.

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