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Not Everyone Should Reproduce- Reproduction by Ian Williams. #ReadCaribbean

-Not everyone should reproduce- Edgar. This is a sentiment that is mentioned at least twice throughout this read, and I have to say, I agree. Not everyone should reproduce. Bringing a new, helpless, and innocent life into this world, especially in the clime in which we now exist, is a monumental decision and responsibility. It requires sacrifice, dedication, patience, and strength. And in the pages of this book, you will encounter examples of the many different ways reproduction can and will affect the trajectories of lives.

Nothing about how this book is put together is orthodox, there is injection of lyrics from popular songs, past conversations interspersed between current ones, and the talks that explore our main character's reproductory arrivals. Ian Williams uses play on words, slang, and Caribbean-infused language and behaviour to enliven his narrative.

At first, it seems that the reading will be difficult, as the structure changes for every section, but with each wily sentence consumed, the rhythm is eventually found and ridden. The ever changing perspectives gives the reader the opportunity to engage with the characters through particular lenses, learn their characteristics: the endearing and the repulsive.

Williams explores the complex and complicated structures that underlie and comprise relationships, whether they are between a parent and child(ren), lovers, friends, or a tenant and a landlord. He also delves into the toxic, entitled, egotistical, misogynistic facets of the men, while also exploring their reflective and at times thoughtful sides while also exploring the ties that bind and the difficulty of disentangling with an influence that does not enrich one's life(Felicia with Edgar).

This is a book that invites you to get to know the characters, familiarize yourself with their tone and attitudes, that way you can never be lost in the prose and dialogue. The last part of the book proved a bit of a struggle as by that part I felt a bit over-saturated, but this story was worthwhile.

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