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No Angels Here. Short Review on Carlos Ruiz Zafon's 'The Angel's Game'.

Ruiz Zafon is a true story weaver, the pages his loom of craft. In The Angel's Game, we meet David Martin, a struggling novelist-to-be, and the people to who he is closest.

In a beautifully gothic Barcelona, David's life unfolds from a poor office boy at a newspaper to a published author to undertaking an intriguingly frightening offer to construct the manuscript of a lifetime. However writing this magnum opus sends David down a path of mystery, misery, loss, death and danger.

Ruiz Zafon uses a bit of expository writing to round out the major plot-line of his narrative, entrenching us in the unknown of what it is exactly David has gotten himself mixed up in. His encounters with his eerily menacing benefactor always leaves David feeling uneasy and unsure. This leads David on a mission of discovering who and what Antonio Corelli is. What he uncovers is the link between a 'dead' Parisian publisher, a suspicious death, an enigmatic manuscript, a witch, a dancer, and a crook.

Zafon is also great with supplementing David's story with that of an awesome supporting cast of characters, who along with David drive the story forward. They are each in their own way interesting, vulnerable, strong, heartwarming, unlikable, and two-faced. What this creates is a complex story with heart.

With astonishing ease and without letting the pace and anticipation fall off, we are taken on a wildly dark, ofttimes humourous, labyrinthine course through the shadowy streets of Barcelona.

Worth the read.

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