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Nisi Shawl has brought together voices from authors and writers of colour that will be the new faces in speculative fiction.

In New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Colour, we get a collection of stories that are authentic in that they are coming from points-of-view that are steeped in the narrative and foundation of the stories that they are writing.

The stories showcase the imaginative genius of these writers and how important they are in a field that is predominantly European. All the stories confront certain aspects of our society and cultures and presents them in situations like 'what if', 'so this happened' or 'in a world where'...

The tales that I enjoyed the most were: 'The Galactic Tourist Industrial Complex' where a cabbie becomes the centre of an intergalactic investigation when an alien tourist dies on their visit to Earth; 'Burn The Ships' where women band together to save their people from perpetual servitude and slaughter using blood magic; 'Three Variations On A Theme Of Imperial Attire' which is a clever reimagining of the Emperor's New Clothes where the focus is on the wiley tailor(s); 'Blood And Bells' where a parent uncovers that tracking down who framed them for murder is a path to a future of freedom for their child; and 'Harvest' where the love of a deer woman leads to murder in the name of justice or is it revenge? In this collection, there will be a story for every kind of reader and will have elements that can be related to, regardless of the alien or bizarre nature.

Writers of colour seem to finally be hitting the jackpot in the recognition department, and are no longer just 'niche', and I, for one love all the writers and authors I am discovering. And the way in which they meld their histories with the speculative is spell-binding and mind-blowing. Having these voices emerge and change the landscape of fiction and fantasy from the overwhelmingly Eurocentric gaze is needed and important.

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