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My Totem Came Calling: A Search for Meaning.

A coming of age tale that incorporates a search for meaning, one's heritage, friendship and family.

Chanda is a privileged teen living in Harare, Zimbabwe when she begins seeing a zebra. So to avoid being institutionalized, Chanda seeks guidance from her aunt, who points her towards their ancestral village. Thus begins Chanda's journey to unlock the secret behind her visions.

This journey sends Chanda down a path where she is forced to face her privilege, her prejudices; her overall disconnect to her heritage and customs. She also comes face to face with colourism in the village as she is deemed lucky to be 'light in complexion'.

I enjoyed this book a lot. The authors really captured the experiences of Chanda and her friends through the use of their slang, their behaviour and reactions to danger and the way of life in the village.

My Totem Came Calling is an easy read, but by no means is it boring; with moments of humour, reflection, learning, and understanding.


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