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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

In the month of June, which is recognized as Caribbean Heritage Month, Cindy from @bookofcinz on Instagram, has created a great initiative to highlight and amplify the stories written by Caribbean authors and authors within the diaspora of Caribean heritage, #ReadCaribbean.

As we are proud Jamaicans who love to read new-to-us and old beloved authors, we are very excited to join in and read the region and discover familiar and strange landscapes and stories. The Caribbean is a multi-peopled, multi-cultural space and being able to connect with the islands and the people, through stories is nothing short of amazing.

So join us as we #ReadCaribbean, you never know, you just might discover your favourite read has been waiting for you in lush green landscapes and unbelievably clear blue waters; from Haiti to Trinidad, Barbados to Belize, and Martinique to Jamaica, and the diaspora (America, Canada and Britain). These stories will transport you, immerse you in the lives and experiences of these characters through short stories, poetry and full length novels. These reads will leave you with a sense of, for a short time, inhabiting the lives of these characters and the countries from which they hail.

Books that we will be reading and posting about here and on our other social media platforms (@2treads on Instagram and @XaymacanGirl on Twitter) are as follows:

Theory x Dionne Brand

Beka Lamb x Zee Edgell

Ayiti x Roxane Gay

Reproduction x Ian Williams

My Grandmother's Erotic Folktales x Robert Antoni

Miguel Street x V. S. Naipaul

Valmiki's Daughter x Shani Mootoo

Til the Well Runs Dry x Lauren Francis-Sharma

Black Shack Alley x Joseph Zobel

The Girl with the Hazel Eyes x Callie Browning

Where There Are Monsters x Breanne McIvor

Bone x Yrsa Daley-Ward

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