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Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi is a story that spans several generations of two half-sisters and their descendants. At first, one might think the focus is slavery, and while that is one of the major themes presented; this novel immerses us in a family's lineage and love. We are introduced to Effia and Esi, sisters who will never meet each other. Esi, sold and transported into slavery to the United States; Effia married to a British officer stationed at the main slavery trading post on the Ghanaian coast. Each chapter follows children to great great-grandchildren of both women in Africa and America. We are taken on a journey through each of their lives and given an intimate view of their struggles: drug abuse, abandonment, isolation, imprisonment, poverty, disenfranchisement, exile, loss, colorism and racism. In the homeland, the latter generations have to deal with the fallout of the slave trade and the resulting colonization of their land by the white man. While in America, we see them facing the struggles of living and succeeding in a society that was created for the white man by the white man.

Yet, there is also strong familial connections on both sides, as each generation tries to create and hold on to their family unit. The story comes full circle when the 6 times great-grandchildren of the two half-sisters meet and form a connection. Yaa Gyasi weaves a seamless familial tapestry across these generations.

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