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Gardening in the Tropics-Poems that tell Our Stories

Reading these poems make me feel as if I am sitting at the feet of our great storyteller, our griot, who maps our history, our stories, in bite size verses, with the leaf, the tree, the wind, and sand; with all the people who have roamed our island, leaving pieces of themselves for us to find, for us to know and remember.

hollowed dried Calabash humble took-took

how simple you look- taken from gourd

Another stellar collection of poetry where Senior beguiles and ensnares her readers while weaving stories that are rooted in time, experiences, people and their connections to the land, and each other.

The way these poems are written, the way the message reaches me is as if Senior had intimate conversations with each of her subjects, as if she inhabited, body, leaf, colour, stem, wind, rain, and sea. Because only from a deep well of connection could such wealth have been put to paper.

As we read poem after poem, Senior is plumbing the depths of our shared history, the relationships that mold us, the disasters we have weathered, the prejudices held in our society, the legacies left behind by both our pale colonizers and our strong Black ancestors.

Each poem is rife with meaning and when you share a personal link to the landscape that is being portrayed, your mind is opened and the picture couldn't be clearer.

you cannot tear my song

from my throat

you cannot erase the memory

of my story

you cannot catch

my rhythm

(for you have to born

with that)

-excerpt from Meditation on Yellow

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