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Happy New Year!

2019 just flew by, and it was a year of new and exciting experiences for us, one being starting this blog to share our thoughts on the books we have read and really enjoyed.

We read quite a few books in 2019 and loved the majority of them. However, we had to choose our Sister/Sister #TopFive.

Each book stayed with us or impacted us in a particular way. Whether it was through the vividness of prose, the all too familiar vistas and experiences, or engaging whole-heartedly with a existence that we have no parallels with. And that is the beauty of reading: we discover new people, places, universes and adventures; we learn; we understand; we grow. What more could we ask for?

Reading makes explorers and healers and warriors of all of us. Keep Reading.

#ReadingIsOurGoal #OurGoalIsReading

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