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Erotic Folktales from the Caribbean. #ReadCaribbean Review.

In My Grandmother's Erotic Folktales by Robert Antoni, the island of Corpus Christi comes to life for young Johnny as his grandma recounts the adventures she had during World War II after her plantation was commandeered to make an Army Base for the American Army and her house used for Room and Board for some of the soldiers.

The oral storytelling form comes to life with every tale and the injection of exaggerative descriptions and experiences is all too reminiscent of every tall tale that many if not all Caribbean children will be very familiar with.

'And that is the other thing Papa God gave me, that maybe you have a little bit of it youself. This love for telling stories. Because Johnny, it is something to give you pleasure and good company all you life, and it can bring you very much happiness in the end.'- Grandma

#MyGrandmothersEroticFolktales is a collection ripe with Caribbean metaphoric folktales and tall tales that are hilarious, suggestive, spicy, and colourful; told in the oral storytelling tradition that permeates the Caribbean. Told in a grandmother's voice with flare and panache, we are pulled along as she traces the landscape of Corpus Christi, weaving the shaping, historical and cultural influences of a multi-peopled island.

Threaded throughout some of the more erotic leaning stories are the myths and lores of the island and the part they played in establishing some of the more well-known aspects of districts and villages.

As it is told in the oral style which is beloved in the Caribbean(and the diaspora), the story is never just concerned with its title, but consists of many parts that prolong and heighten the expectations of the concluding crescendo of the main tale. Stories told in this manner are akin to rivers that are made up of tributaries(all doing their part to feed the main river), which in the absence of one or more tributaries, is lessened in its capacity. This way, the stories can be told from the tributaries path to the river or from the river, slowly revealing each tributaries' contribution to its totality.

This was a worthwhile, titillating, engrossing, totally Caribbean-flavoured read with a clever heroine that knows how to spin a tale or two or three.

Full of Caribbean style and flare, the oral storytelling flow grips you from the start of one tall tale to the next.

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