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Come Let Us Sing Anyway-A Collection of Stories that Explore and Highlight Beauty and Struggle.

'They don't like the sound of my voice, but come let us sing, anyway.' - Maski-mon-gwe-zo-os(The Toad Woman)

Of all the short story collections I have read, this collection is riveted in my mind. I loved them all, as each one contained a little bit of Ross' spirit. President Daisy especially has a place in my heart.

From the very first story, I knew I was going to be swept up and sheathed in the rhythm, fire, sensuality, sexuality, originality, and the overall uniqueness of the platter of words and stories that Ross has conjured here.

The words and the expressions of sentiment swallowed me whole and I could not wait for the next one, even as I was still entwined in the story before. The way in which Ross dealt with and depicted sexual agency and interactions was equal parts stimulating and empowering.

These stories are bursting with flavour, emotions, experiences, and are all so intuitively written, that you can cross into the story and become each character, experience each situation, bask in the atmosphere.

There are stories that made me laugh, sigh, commiserate, fall in love, exclaim, become sad, wonder at, and all because of the rawness, ingenuity, and humanity that each contained.

Ross absolutely blew me away with her depiction of queerness, desires, relatability, twists, turns, surprises, and originality that each story held.


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