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Circe by Madeline Miller is a historical fiction novel that focuses on the mythological Greek witch, Circe. The story follows her from childhood and onwards throughout centuries lived (because she was immortal). She was the daughter of a Titan god and a nymph, and this shaped her identity for the first half of her life. Family relationships, community and most importantly, finding self-worth and acceptance of self are the most obvious themes of this book.

Circe encounters many trials and tribulations throughout the story, and with each obstacle that she overcomes, finds herself stronger, more self-assured and actualized. She is a flawed character, however by owning them, she is able to become the best version of herself. Eventually, she becomes a woman that is the sum of her experiences , and does what is best for herself and her happiness at the end of the story.

This a thoroughly enjoyable read, and we highly recommend it to everyone, especially if you love mythology.

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