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#BLACKLIVESMATTER-Thoughts On Why It Was Created and Why It Must Continue.

This post is not meant to defend the Black Lives Matter movement, as I believe it needs no defense. This is a post to call attention to why #BlackLivesMatter is necessary. I don't need to list the many reasons that this movement was created, we all know why, even if there is a portion of society that refuses to believe in its essentialism. What it needs is overarching acknowledgement. Acknowledgement by all and sundry that, yes, there is something wrong in our society, something that festers at the heart, something that allows Black and brown bodies to be, without a doubt, subjected to gross injustices and a disproportionate exposure to and endurance of violence, majorly resulting in our deaths.

When your response to Black Lives Matter is no, All Lives Matter; what that tells me is that you either don't care about the murders, assaults, and inordinate force being used against, on, and to subdue Black bodies or you are so enraptured and blinded by your privilege, that you want nothing to mar the freedom with which you are able to move and live your life. When you say Blue Lives Matter, you are saying that whatever actions a police officer takes, no matter how harsh or lethal, it is, was justified, again you are telling me, the victims and the families that this is just your lot.

We are the descendants of a brutalized people, who faced that brutality in order to achieve freedom, and even though some freedom was attained, there is still a long road ahead, where we can say, we have reached the pinnacle of freedom, liberty, and equality. What Black people need the world over, is for those who hold the power, and those who have the privilege to not only ally with us, but to take the necessary steps to create a society in which Black bodies are valued and acknowledged as being worthy, just as white ones are.

#BlackLivesMatter is sine qua non.

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