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Black Sun- A New Age Dawns in Fantasy.

"...They say that my body is cold, but my anger is hot."- Serapio.


#BlackSun is a story that is being steadily and wonderfully crafted with world-building that incorporates colours, architecture, animism, and societal constructs from the pre-Columbian peoples of the Americas


Roanhorse then uses plain, lively prose to draw her readers in, immersing them in shadows, intrigue, adventure, and hierarchical landscapes. Her characters are addictive and captivating; their interactions and motivations engaging. The way she builds her world through description, dialogue and ritual makes this story so enthralling that we wish it was playing out all in front of us.


The ease with which identity and sexual fluidity are portrayed is satisfying and the pronoun usage was just so rewarding to read. However, infusing the atmosphere with societal rejection of queerness (it not being accepted in certain cities) and also being a punishable offense added a layer of reality that really grounded this story for us.


Who decides what makes a monster and who is a villain? What do you do when your very existence was not happenstance but was planned out step by step, person by person with no thought for the ramifications on the individual conceived for a purpose that will change the face of the world.


Roanhorse does a fantastic job of bringing this world to the pages. Inviting her readers on a journey by sea and air, with ancient gods and priests with dwindling influence yet too much power, and a man who is not really a man with a power that rivals the sun's, and a woman who is as fluid and beautiful as the sea. For someone from an island that was once inhabited by a pre-Columbian people, having a fantasy novel imagine a story around their civilization, their rituals, and society was amazing.




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