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'No, but not everybody is mixed up in such a way that the pieces don't come together in any way that makes sense or form'-Moshe.

A Tall History of Sugar weaved a tale that has the elements of a great story: mystery, superstition, complex family dynamics, an unbreakable friendship and a love that transcends the physical.

I loved this book because it showed how King Sugar shaped the landscape of my homeland; the use of my dialect(patwa); it tells a love story that is not only romantic, but familial and communal; it features superstitions both known and unknown to me; it depicted community relationships that felt real, as most, if not all rural communities operate and exist like this, and it is beautifully strange while covering a journey that many will find familiar.

Forbes' writing is flowing yet heady with the weight of the story she is telling and will hook you from the very first chapter. She will take you through the life of Moshe and Arrienne, how they connected and bonded and existed in a loop that remained unbroken until Moshe left for England; Arri and Rachel's similar yet altogether different roles as his protectors; Moshe's feelings of not belonging, of yearning to find that part of himself that is missing, and how a small community, even with all its flaws and prejudices can be an everlasting pair of welcoming arms.

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