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A Master of Djinn: An Exhilarating Adventure in a Steampunk Cairo, Vividly Imagined.

'The world moves swift in its boasted modernity, forgetting those it leaves behind, or grinds beneath the gearwheels of progress.' - The Imposter

Clark uses prose in a way that is so clear and vividly descriptive; moves with a quickness and action without sacrificing story or character, capturing and holding his readers' attention. The plot keeps moving, characters are endearing, spirited, deeply intriguing and engaging.

Having read his previously written works, including the two novellas belonging to this fun, magical, spunky, stylish, and arresting world of steampunk Cairo, I was all in and ready for a full length novel. It could only get better and it did.

A novel-length story meant more time with a character you wanted more of, a plot that expands and entrances, a world of djinn, priestesses, temples, slumbering gods, brotherhoods being fully realized, with a pace that keeps you engaged and enjoying.

The world is richly crafted with food, music, fashion, wit, dialogue that engages and immerses us, depositing us in the midst of a bustling Cairo where djinn and gears are the norm; class struggles, ethnic delineation, and true progress are social issues and seamlessly integrated within the world-building.

Clark's love and dedication to history is wonderfully displayed throughout this story, reflected in conversations, descriptions, political relations, and the intricate weaving of place, time, and peoples. A Must Read.

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