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2020 BEST READS- It was quite the year, but our books helped to get us through.

In a year that was defined by a global pandemic, reading offered many of us an escape and we were no different. We read close to 200 books between us and rarely were there any duds- in this day and age we have zero time for any boring or badly written novels and stories- below we have done a collage of the genres that we read across and the books that have stayed with us even now.


BEST SHORT STORIES: stories that wowed with their intensity, simplistic beauty, vistas of home and region, dense complexities, thrilling mind-bendiness, and sensuality.

BEST MEMOIRS/NON-FICTION: real life recollections of movements, resilience, survival, beauty, and versatility of our people that moved us to tears, anger, but most of all to hope.

BEST ROMANCE: everybody needs love and these ones though filled with ups and downs, will make you cheer in anticipation of love winning out. It also helps that they are steamy as ...

BEST POETRY: poetry is food for mind, body, and soul and with these collection, we were swept back to the shores of home and the journey to self.

BEST FANTASY: for imagined worlds and worlds that bore a close resemblance to ours and what it could become, we turned to our favourite authors, new and old, and experienced characters and world-building that was just spectacular.

BEST LITERARY FICTION: and when it came to books that would tell stories that would be sweeping in their scope, complex, simpler and selfish with the characters depicted, and more like the interactions we know and understand, we turned to these books and the characters that are forever imprinted in our memories.

BEST MIDDLEGRADE: if you want to be reminded of the cleverness, bravery, and the depth of love and friendship that can live with children, these stories will no doubt convince you.

BEST HORROR/THRILLER: not ones for generally reading this particular, there was something about these reads that gripped us and kept us riveted, even while wishing we could look away.

That's what we have to share with you for the end of 2020 and the start of what will hopefully be a brighter, more hopeful, and loving year. We do hope you stick with us and maybe give some of these books a read. Happy New Year. Bless.

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