Ayiti- Haiti as more than it is perceived to be.

This collection of short stories by Roxane Gay examines the lives of Haitian characters living in Haiti and the U.S. Their struggles to make better lives for themselves, their hopes and dreams, trying to reconcile love of country and culture, to the reality of their country not being able to reciprocate that love and care back. We encounter characters in love, struggling to make life better, trying to cope with familial and personal trauma, women trying to exist under the op

Monsters: inside us and around us.

Another short story collection for #readcaribbean. This collection from Breanne McIvor was an enjoyable read, the stories were divided into two sections; Part 1 saw characters who were exposed to heartbreaking and disenfranchised circumstances, where they had little to no control of what is happening/has happened to them. Part 2 saw stories with characters that are the things that nightmares are made of. Tackling folklore, mental health, patriarchy, socioeconomics and sexuali


In the month of June, which is recognized as Caribbean Heritage Month, Cindy from @bookofcinz on Instagram, has created a great initiative to highlight and amplify the stories written by Caribbean authors and authors within the diaspora of Caribean heritage, #ReadCaribbean. As we are proud Jamaicans who love to read new-to-us and old beloved authors, we are very excited to join in and read the region and discover familiar and strange landscapes and stories. The Caribbean is a

Caribbean Reads. Celebrating Our Region's Rich Literature.

We have known from a very young age that the written and musical heritage of our Caribbean is profuse. And the creators are prolific. Drawing from history and present societal structures, these artists construct worlds that were, are and could be and engender within the Caribbean community utmost pride, devotion and love. As Jamaicans, my sister and I could generate an exhaustive lists of such titans from our tiny island, but so could any other book lover from all other Carib